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Top 9 Best ShipStation Competitors and Alternatives

Top 9 Best ShipStation Competitors and Alternatives

ShipStation offers a comprehensive shipping solution that can be integrated with all of your eCommerce platforms. ShipStation has great features including order tracking, automated shipping quoting, and more. However, the price tag may not fit every budget. This blog will highlight 9 alternatives to ShipStation for you to consider when deciding on an eCommerce shipping platform. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular competitors in terms of pricing, features offered, integrations with other apps/platforms etc., so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Best ShipStation Competitors and Alternatives


Unicommerce is a next-generation company providing ecommerce software and SaaS solutions. Unicommerce enables aggregators, marketplaces and retailers to sell not just locally but also across borders. Unicommerce’s comprehensive suite of products is built from the ground up with an emphasis on scalability, security and ease-of-use.

Key features:

- Scalable cloud platform that can handle millions of transactions every day

- Global payment support with PayPal, Amazon & more

- Unified shopping cart for all marketplaces

- Invoicing automation for easy accounting


Orderhive is an Order management solution for ecommerce companies that streamlines the operational processes by connecting customers with ecommerce service providers. Order details are pulled from Orderhive and sent directly to suppliers, cutting out unnecessary third-party expenses. Orderhive gives full visibility into customer sales trends and inventory statuses by aggregating data from multiple platforms including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Volusion, Magento and BigCommerce. Orderhive works with hundreds of merchants across North America and Europe to help them get paid faster while providing their customers with a streamlined order process. Customers can track their orders in real time right from within Orderhive’s mobile app or on desktop via desktop notifications or email.

Orderhive is backed by a venture capital firm who has invested in high-profile companies like Uber, Pinterest, Dropbox and Evernote. Orderhive’s team includes former members of the executive teams at OrderMyGear and Shopify Plus. Orderhive aims to provide complete visibility into inventory across all sales channels, giving suppliers access to better customer insights.

3)Sorted’s Delivery Experience Software

Sorted is a UK-based technology start-up delivering a new generation of software for ecommerce retailers, which aims to make deliveries as easy and convenient as possible. Sorted’s system makes deliveries easier by minimising package drop-off time for customers while eliminating the need for them to take delivery or follow up with their courier company if they are not home when their order is delivered. This means that retailers no longer have to absorb the costs of missed deliveries, nor of complaints from customers whose orders were not delivered on time due to difficulties contacting them outside office hours. Instead, companies using Sorted send parcel requests to customers’ smartphones, and arrange for them to deliver when the customer is home and then reschedule them if they are not.

4)Qapla eCommerce Shipment Tracking Platform

Qapla allows for returns by mail or at participating locations, and also offers a courier pick-up program that costs more but gets the item back to Qapla warehouse faster. Narvar holds many high profile clients such as Nike, Ikea, and Amazon.

Key features of Qapla services include:

- Qapla customer support system is capable of managing high communication volume.

- Qapla offers a pick-up program for an extra fee.

- Qapla has improved the efficiency and accuracy of returns for other major retailers such as Ikea and Nike.






ShipStation, the world’s leading multi-carrier eCommerce fulfillment solution, today announced it will start to offer direct integration with Amazon Seller Central. The new partnership will enable ShipStation to push order data directly into Amazon without requiring customers to download or manually enter information. With just a few clicks, Amazon sellers can import their entire ShipStation address book and send orders to any of Amazon’s international warehouses in seconds — ensuring that buyers receive fast, accurate shipping rates based on actual package weight.

How to Choose the Best ShipStation Software competitors?

1.Software Area of Operation

2.Software Prices and Rates

3.Software Implementation and Features

4.Business Priorities

5.Customer Support & Services of Software

6.Shipping Rates

7.Choice of Carriers

8.Tech Capabilities

9.Shipping Partners

10.API Integration

11.eCommerce Product Returns management

12.Provision of Data Analytics

13.Payment Options

Conclusion: ShipStation is a powerful and popular shipping software, but their price tag can be prohibitive for many businesses. To help you find the best competitors and alternatives to ShipStation software, we’ve collected some of our favorite competitors in this article. If none of these alternatives work out for your business, feel free to reach out and tell us about it — we’re always on the lookout for new products that could potentially replace ShipStation.