Top 5 Best Shippo Competitors and Alternatives

Top 5 Best Shippo Competitors and Alternatives

Shippo is one of the most popular shipping software solutions on the market. However, it’s not always a good idea to invest in a product that will only work for your business today and tomorrow. You need to have an eye on how your company might evolve over time and what technologies you may want to use down the line. This article explores 5 companies worth considering if you’re looking for Shippo competitors.

Best Shippo Competitors and Alternatives


parcelLab is a simple and flexible shipping platform that works with many carriers. It offers integrations for Retailers, eCommerce, Crowdfunding businesses. A complete multi-carrier API (fully RESTful), parcelLab helps to empower your business by bringing advanced logistics capabilities through its powerful order fulfillment engine. Its Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution helps you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


ShipBob is an innovative e-commerce fulfillment company that provides end-to-end order fulfillment services. ShipBob takes care of all the logistics involved in the shipping process, right from packing and picking orders, to arranging for a fast courier pickup. The service also ensures that your online business remains stable by taking care of delayed deliveries and returns. All you need to do is ship out your consignment to them, they will take care of packaging insurance claims, etc. They provide great customer support with an easy user interface. The pricing plans are very affordable starting at $25/month without any signup fee. Enterprises can use their Large Business Account which comes with customized solutions.


EasyPost shipping software connects businesses with any logistics carrier and provides API integration services. This reduces the number of steps along the supply chain and helps save time and money for both you and your customers. The key features of EasyPost are that it provides multi-carrier shipping, shipment tracking, courier tracking services.


ShippyPro is a Shippo alternative for your online store. This software allows you to connect all of your major marketplaces and shopping carts so you can ship products from one interface. ShippyPro has integrations with over 30 carriers across US, Canada, Australia and Europe including USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL. With the app’s customer order management feature, you can process shipments on the go by giving real-time updates regarding your inventory levels and automatically generating labels for various carriers in bulk, saving time during the checkout process.


ClickPost is Shipping software that was developed with an aim to replace existing Shipping systems and Shipping software solutions and provide a complete Shipping solution to its customers. It is suitable for small-sized companies and large multinational corporations. It can handle all your shipping needs — import, export, courier & cargo tracking system, Air/Road/Sea Freight Forwarding and Parcel Tracking etc. With its easy-to-use interface, it allows you to manage the whole shipping process within minutes by providing 24*7 customer support service.

Customer support: We have a team of highly skilled professionals who work round the clock in order to provide you with the best Shipping software, Shipping systems and Shipping Solutions.

Is it suitable for your business size?

We ship software that is suitable for small-sized companies or large multinational corporations. We provide different Shipping solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to start small and grow with us as their business grows.

How does it work?

It provides 24*7 customer support service in order to deliver quality. This Shipping Software is integrated with more than 20 Shipping carriers & courier companies, covering more than 200 countries/regions around the Globe.

What benefits one can avail of from ClickPost Shipping software?

ClickPost Shipping solution provides a complete shipping solution to its customers at an affordable price along with high-quality services including Shipping Software, Shipping Systems and Shipping Solutions. It provides 24*7 customer support service in order to deliver quality. This Shipping software is integrated with more than 20 Shipping carriers & courier companies, covering more than 200 countries/regions around the Globe.


The Shippo competitors that we’ve outlined in this blog should help you make a more informed decision about where to ship your packages. We hope these tips will be useful for anyone looking for an alternative shipping service, or who wants to compare the features offered by all of their options. If you have any questions about our top 5 best shippo competitors and alternatives, please feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to chat with you and answer any additional questions that may come up as you evaluate your different choices.



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