Shipping Invoice Template

1)Introduction to Shipping Invoice Template

A shipping invoice template is a form used to create invoices for the shipping of products. The template will list the items being shipped, the quantities, and the prices. It will also include information about the shipper and the recipient, such as their contact information and delivery addresses. A shipping invoice template can be helpful in organizing and tracking shipments.

2) What is a shipping invoice template in detail?

When shipping goods, you are sure to have ordered an order shipping invoice template from the shipping agent or shipping company. This is a standard shipping invoice format that is filled in by hand and then given to the shipping company together with the goods. The shipping invoice template itself may be provided by the shipping company.

Before filling in this kind of shipping order invoice template it should be noted that there are different versions for each shipping method. If the goods are picked up via truck, one version will apply, if they are sent by airplane another, etc. Of course not every shipping agent offers all these various types of shipment options; choose one or more freely!

3) What is the shipping invoice template used for?

The following provides further information on what exactly a shipping order invoice template contains and what it is used for.

Receiver of goods (customer) as well as shipping agent (shipping company), shipping address and transport route; shipping order number; shipping date; ordered shipping option; number of cartons/packages; gross weight and net weight per carton/package; itemized list of contents per carton/package, transportation costs and their payment details (invoiced amount including taxes and shipping costs); terms of delivery and trade conditions if necessary.

The shipping receipt or shipping invoice can also be adapted to fit the needs of the customer. It may contain additional information such as comments on the condition of the merchandise upon arrival or any other shipping or trade-related information that is required by the customer.

As mentioned earlier, this shipping invoice format can be provided by the shipping agent (shipping company) but it may also be created by yourself or another third party. Frequently, shipping agents also offer a number of shipping order templates to choose from. This shipping order invoice template must be completed in accordance with the shipping requirements of that shipping agent or shipping company when shipping the goods, but should also include all relevant information for your own shipping records.

4) How to create an effective shipping invoice template?

When creating an invoice, it is important to always have the correct information. The shipping invoice should accurately depict your company’s information as well as all of the relevant product information. It is crucial that it be completely accurate so that no additional problems arise during shipping or at customs .

The shipping invoice will include several specific sections which are not interchangeable between shipping companies. You must pay attention to what each section entails to avoid any errors in your shipping process .

4.1) Business Name and Address

Be sure to include the company’s full name, address, city, state/province, zip code, country, phone number, email address , etc. . Everything should be clear and easy to locate on the shipping invoice.

4.2)Product Description

The shipping company takes this information from the shipping label so you do not need to go into great depth here but it is important that they can see what each package contains and estimate how much weight is in each package .

4.3)Package Quantity and Weight

This section is important because it tells the shipping company how many packages are being sent out and how much weight is included in each package .

4.4)Shipping Rates

It is important that the shipping rates are already calculated because shipping companies will charge you additional fees if you calculate shipping yourself .

4.5)Tax Rates

If your business resides in a country which requires a value added tax (VAT) to be collected, then this section should include all applicable VATs for each package being sent out .

4.6)Currency Type and Exchange Rate

If you have an online store that sells products from multiple countries, then you might need several versions of this shipping invoice

4.7)Terms & Conditions

It tells what terms your business uses to determine how items are sold, handled, delivered, etc. Shipping companies need to know these rules so they do not make mistakes sending out your goods


Finally, you need to include a space for your signature or seal which authenticates the shipping invoice. This provides proof that you agree with all terms and conditions written on the shipping invoice .

5) Conclusion paragraph

Shipping Invoice Templates are a convenient way to keep track of your packages and shipments. They can also be used for invoicing purposes, or as an easy-to-read document that you can provide with the shipment. We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you would like to learn more about our shipping invoices, please contact us.



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